Who Will Be It? Will Ferrell And Jack Black Join Tag Brothers


Will Ferrell and Jack Black – two names that either inspire cringing and cries of ‘overrated!’ or hysterical laughter. Whatever you think of them, they are certainly hot commodities and they have now joined what is perhaps the most epic game of ‘Tag’ ever, as both sign up for New Line’s comedy Tag Brothers.

Tag Brothers is based on a real-life Tag game that went on for 23 years between a group of friends in Spokane every February.  It even escalated to the point of them breaking into each other’s homes and spying on each other, thus blurring the line between friendly game and sociopathy.

It sounds tailor-made for Ferrell and Black’s brand of extreme but self-aware comedy. I can already see the two of them battling for Tag supremacy in increasingly bizarre and potentially hazardous ways.

While no details are yet forthcoming as to the roles Black and Ferrell will play, there’s little doubt that they will be two of the Taggers. No director or other cast have been announced at this point, but with this story being so sought after, it will only be a matter of time.

Black and Ferrell are busy men, with Ferrell working on Anchorman: The Legend Continues and Black returning for Kung Fu Panda 3. Their deals for Tag Brothers are contingent on the screenplay, which is currently being written by Mark Steilen. Steilen’s only notable credits so far are as second unit director on The Threee Stooges and Hall Pass, and a screenplay for 1999’s The Settlement, which starred John C. Reilly.

Tag Brothers sounds like it could be good fun, though. I personally enjoy Ferrell and Black, and putting them on the same screen together for longer than the few minutes in Anchorman would be marvelous.  And if it’s a failure, it is sure to be a spectacular one.

Source: /Film