Will Ferrell And Kristen Wiig’s Lifetime Movie A Deadly Adoption Gets A Glorious Teaser


Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig have teamed up to make a Lifetime Original Movie. Has that sentence sunk in yet? Good – because the teaser for said film, hilariously titled A Deadly Adoption, is now online, and it’s appropriately melodramatic in the over-the-top way only Lifetime pics can manage.

When news of the project first broke on April Fool’s Day, we were all skeptical, but it seemed that the movie had been legit when Ferrell, who seemingly had wanted to keep the film secret right up until its premiere, announced that all the reporting on A Deadly Adoption had led to him pulling the plug on it – despite his already having shot the pic. It was later revealed that the comedian had been messing with us when a billboard for the movie showed up, finding Ferrell and Wiig with very concerned expressions.

Here’s the official synopsis for it:

Inspired by a true story, A Deadly Adoption is a high-stakes dramatic thriller about a successful couple (Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig) who house and care for a pregnant woman (Jessica Lowndes) during the final months of her pregnancy with the hope of adopting her unborn child.

I’ve to say, those first five words already had me in hysterics, so it’s safe to say that this movie is on my summer watchlist. Whether Lifetime, which recently fumbled in the ratings with its very good drama Unreal, will appreciate the attention that comes from Ferrell and Wiig making fun of its typical film fare remains to be seen.

The teaser begs some very important questions. Is that blood on Ferrell’s shirt? Why is he trying to stop a car with his serious stare? Where did Wiig get a gun? And why are creepy nursery chimes playing in the background? These are all burning questions that we’ll be able to answer quite soon, now that A Deadly Adoption has been set to premiere on Lifetime June 20.