Fierce Fan Art Shows Us How Venom May Look On Film


If one thing is to be said about Spider-Man, it’s that not only does he have one of the richest rogues galleries Marvel has to offer, but in all of comics as well. Of course, there are those whom True Believers tend to favor over others, but none of us can deny the cult following that Venom has amassed over the years.

Bonded to an alien symbiote that helps in giving him such a badass look, this character has sometimes found himself portrayed as an anti-hero, a practice not uncommon whenever someone normally thought of as being “a bad guy” is the protagonist in a given narrative. Thus, we expect that to hold true with the feature film.

To date, Eddie Brock has appeared in only one previous movie, that being the 2007 mess that was Spider-Man 3. And even though he was shoehorned by the studio into Sam Raimi’s final contribution to the franchise and not portrayed to the liking of many of us, you have to admit that he looked pretty fierce while in his villainous guise. Then again, aesthetics don’t solely make up a good movie.

Still, it’s best that one not mess with the classics, and it’s because of that old adage that we expect Tom Hardy’s look not stray far from comic book canon. In fact, what appeared to be a leaked CGI design pointed toward just that. Actually, some even speculated that it could be Carnage, but the bulkiness looked true Venom to us.

Now, Bryan Zap, one of the most prolific fan artists working today, has given us a fair idea of what the final product may very well look like. Using the CGI model that we just spoke of as a base, he’s fully fleshed out the icon, making him appear unbelievably hardcore. Really, compare it to the rest of what’s to be seen in the gallery below and you may just agree that it’s the best mock-up to date.

Venom slithers into theaters on October 5th, 2018.