Newest NSFW Clip Of Lars Von Trier’s Nymphomaniac Features An Explicit Organ


The publicity campaign for Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac is unique in completely embracing its explicitness, making no bones about showing the naughty things that people do in the film. We’ve already seen a few clips, four to be exact, and now we have number five. Of course, it’s already been removed from YouTube, but that was the entire point.

What you’ll see below is from the fifth chapter in the film, which is titled The Little Organ School. Coming it at just under a minute, it’s a triptych of images – an organ and a cheetah flanking footage of Shia LaBeouf and Stacy Martin engaging in extremely NSFW horizontal dancing. The imagery of somebody playing an organ, or a predator stalking its prey, might be a little obvious but then subtle imagery has never been von Trier’s strong point. He’s all about big, brash moments that punch you square in the face.

The trailers and clips that we’ve seen so far actually make Nymphomaniac look pretty good. There’s much for the von Trier haters out there to hate on, but for fans of the Danish auteur, it looks like there’s much to love. A great honking classical score (the best part of 2009’s Antichrist, for my money) and some unrepentant humping make for a potential naughty art-house classic. And when has Charlotte Gainsbourg ever put a foot wrong?

Here’s the high-falutin’ blurb for the clip:

Chapter 5: The Little Organ School

A chorale prelude by Bach: Three voices each with its own character, but in complete harmony. In other words:

The nymphomaniac is easily inspired, and acts it out.

So, if you want to see Shia LaBeouf getting it on to some J.S. Bach, then watch the clip below. You won’t regret it.