Fight For Your Honour In New Trailer For Robert Downey Jr.’s The Judge


Stepping back from the bombastic action of the ever-expanding MCU, Robert Downey Jr.’s upcoming appearance in David Dobkin’s The Judge is drawing a lot of attention coming out of Toronto. For long-term fans of the charismatic actor, it marks a return to the low-key and cunning roles found in films such as Two Guys and a Girl along with Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and is a welcome tonic to the adventures of Tony Stark.

And, as the film gears up for its international release on October 10th, the studio has unveiled the courtroom drama’s second trailer.

For The Judge, Downey Jr. plays a hotshot defense attorney called Hank Palmer who, after returning to his hometown for his mother’s funeral, is given the opportunity to rekindle his relationship with his father — played here by Robert Duvall. Naturally, that familial bond is put to the test when his estranged father is suspected of murder and Hank must put his ego to one side to offer a helping hand.

Alas, the core narrative of the film doesn’t scream originality — a fault we found in our own TIFF review — but from the recent trailer, it seems as though the two Roberts have a convincing sense of chemistry on screen. Moreover, The Judge also stars Vera Farmiga, Melissa Leo and Billy Boy Thornton and is a product of Team Downey — the production company founded by Robert Downey Jr. and his wife Susan.

It’s slated to release on October 10th, 2014 in the States. Until then, be sure to watch the recently-released trailer above and let us know whether you’ll be checking out Robert Downey Jr.’s courtroom drama in the comments section below.

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