Film buffs list things TV and movies always get wrong

Terminator 2 Judgment Day

Film and television are among the most beloved forms of escapism; after a long day of hacking away at work, sometimes you just want to get lost in a good story, some hearty laughs, or some chilling scares with your favorite Hollywood stars.

But as long as the medium has existed, suspension of disbelief is at least partially required to enjoy it to its fullest. But where there’s a finger to be pointed, there’s a Reddit thread ready to pounce on it. Subsequently, the topic of today’s venture into r/AskReddit is the unrealistic depictions we come across on screens big and small.

The highest rated example was film characters and their seemingly indestructible eardrums; at least, it seems that way, given that they consistently retain 100 percent of their hearing when exposed to the sound of gunfire in enclosed spaces.

Another user backed this up with a real-life example that apparently occurred on the set of Terminator 2.

One other responder declared the depiction of legal proceedings to be the worst crime in accuracy that film/television has ever committed, noting how there’s a general disconnect between screenwriters and the ins and outs of legal procedure, to say nothing of how courtroom scenes would have to be cartoonishly dramatized to make them interesting for the screen.

Another user noted the severe lack of therapy some characters need after watching their families and loved ones die in a tragic accident.

But one responder stepped up with the big one; the example that, without a doubt, proves once and for all that we viewers suspend our disbelief far too much.

Perhaps nobody likes a Nitpicking Nelson in a theater, but at home, with the right company, poking fun at the everyday nonsense in a film can be great fun in its own right; how do they fire that many bullets without reloading?