Film fans name movies with the same title that couldn’t be more different in every way

the avengers
via Warner Bros./Marvel Studios

Everyone knows about the concept of twin films, when two movies bearing very similar concepts arrive within a coincidentally close proximity to each other, but plenty of viewers have no doubt made an even simpler mistake getting two features mixed up that have exactly the same name.

Nobody has a monopoly on what motion pictures can or cannot be called, even if trademarks and copyrights are there to prevent such things from happening on the regular, but a fascinating deep dive being undertaken by the good people of Reddit has uncovered countless cases of identically-titled projects that couldn’t be more different from each other in every conceivable way, and it’s fitting that Uwe Boll would be part of the conversation starter given his reputation as the worst of the worst.

Sean Connery and Uma Thurman’s colossal flop The Avengers doesn’t take long to be brought up when compared to the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s epic Phase One conclusion, while you’d certainly hope people seeking out controversial Best Picture winner Crash didn’t end up stumbling upon David Cronenberg’s 1996 psychosexual drama instead.

Chris Hemsworth gave arguably the best performance of his career in Ron Howard’s racing drama Rush, which most definitely isn’t the 1991 crime thriller that starred Jason Patric as an undercover cop who wound up getting addicted to heroin. It makes for some stark and startling discoveries, but hopefully parents haven’t accidentally subjected their children to high concept horror Frozen or unsettling erotic drama Sleeping Beauty, though, because that could end up scarring the youngsters for life.