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Film fans roast the letdowns they were once excited for

No movie is safe from salty viewers.

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For the avid moviegoer, there are times when a film blows your mind due to how amazing the story is. However, other films are hyped up thanks to trailers and fan expectations but are ultimately disappointing. In a recent online thread, fans decided to call out these movies for being massive letdowns.

Reddit user u/seveer37 recalled the time when Suicide Squad disappointed them on r/Movies. They argued that the film was “a complete headache” and only gave Joker 10-minutes of screen time. OP also mentioned that the film was hyped up way too much and the marketing team did an amazing job, but the output wasn’t what they expected.

Other fans were able to relate to how OP felt as they pointed out films that they believed were too hyped and didn’t meet viewers’ expectations upon release. Some agreed with OP’s opinions and mentioned Suicide Squad as well. For one Reddit user, the film was so out of keeping with its trailers that they decided to stop watching trailers before movies.

Others pointed out the 2017 film, Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets, and each of them had a list of reasons why it was bad. Some believd it was the casting while others believed it was because it wasn’t clear on if it intended to have an “anime aesthetic.” Basically, the film had a lot of potential but failed miserably.

Another iconic letdown was Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. One user felt film butchered one of the most iconic storylines in the DC comics. And not gonna lie, same.

But one answer that would probably have people’s head-scratching is Joker. Yes, the movie starring Joaquin Phoenix. According to one Reddit user, they were bored watching the film and the only thing that connected it to the Batman universe was the “little nudges” in the comic book franchise such as mentioning the Wayne family and the death of Bruce’s parents at the end of the film. Others pointed out the film had an unoriginal plot and that caused them to lose interest.

No films are safe from the wrath of disappointed movie fans. Even if you think a film is highly acclaimed and should receive high praise, not everyone will be satisfied.

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