Filming On Disney’s Han Solo Movie Continues In Spain, And Another Set Photo Has Emerged To Prove It


Smuggler? Scoundrel? Hero? However you view the great Han Solo, Jump Street directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller are about to shed light on his galactic origins.

Filming on Disney and Lucasfilm’s 2018 anthology film – the second in this new wave of Star Wars stories after Rogue One – kicked off in earnest back in February and since then, the Internet has been awash with blurry set photos and bootleg recordings of Solo’s new ride. Arguably the one tidbit that has fuelled debate online, though, involves the possible (certain?) inclusion of Corellia, the far-flung home planet of Han Solo.

We’ve already caught a glimpse of set photos featuring a dusty old town – the Canary island of Fuerteventura seems to be doubling as Corellia – and now, Spanish outlet Canarias7 has uncovered the latest picture from the Han Solo set. Seen below, it’s a long shot of what appears to be a desolated junkyard, with scraps of metal that look an awful lot like pod engines seen to the right. If nothing else, the pic lends credence to those reports claiming Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s Han Solo spinoff will pay a visit to Corellia come 2018.

It’s also worth nothing that production has now relocated to the Fawley Power Station in Southeastern England, so it’s likely this photo taken by Canarias7 is either a few weeks old, or is of one of the crew disassembling the alien set.

Star Wars News Net also relayed a rough translation of the outlet’s report:

The hometown of Han Solo emerges from the white sand of the Jandía Natural Park. The inhabitants of this place, of the planet Corellia, live in some damaged igloos and under the remains of ships and other intergalactic scraps. It is the first image of the setting where for two weeks Disney and Sur Films will film the movie.

Early rumors pointed to houses being built of salt, with tons and tons of salt. A witness who managed this week to avoid the iron surveillance of the filming described that the town was formed by brown leather tents or jaimas. However, the image shows a village almost on the verge of being undone, built with metallic remains that are as protected as they can be from the sun of planet Corellia being created in Fuerteventura.

Whether this rumor proves to be true or not will be told in time, but perhaps most exciting of all is the fact that Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s Han Solo anthology pic is poised to launch only six months after Star Wars: The Last Jedi, on May 25th, 2018. It’s part of Disney’s gradual move away from the hectic Christmas corridor, too, what with James Cameron’s Avatar sequels now beginning to come into view – all four of them.

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