Cult Horror Filmmaker Ulli Lommel Has Passed Away



According to a variety of sources, including Bloody-Disgusting, famed German cult filmmaker Ulli Lommel has passed away this weekend after suffering heart failure at the age of 72.

His most well known movie is probably The Boogeyman, a 1980 supernatural horror pic starring Suzanna Love, John Carradine and Ron James. Lommel also wrote the script for the film, which follows two siblings targeted by the ghost of their mother’s boyfriend, whose soul was once imprisoned in a mirror.

The Boogeyman was a financial success and spawned two sequels. What’s most interesting, however, is that Lommel was actually working on a new TV series entitled Boogeyman Chronicles. He’d already directed the first episode, too, which is intended to air in 2018. It’s unknown how exactly it’ll fit in with the film, but there’s something exciting about revisiting old franchises and properties, especially with the original director attached.

In recent years, aside from working on the Boogeyman Chronicles, Ulli Lommel also directed a variety of straight-to-video horror flicks, which only makes his death even more tragic, as he was still busy working on movies right up until his final moments.

Rest in peace, Mr. Lommel. I’ll be watching The Boogeyman tonight in your honor.