Final Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Trailer May Be Attached To Deadpool


As the first superhero tentpole of 2016, Deadpool is poised to jump-start a massive and unprecedented year for the genre, and rivalling studios are beginning to stand up and take notice.

One of those to reportedly jump on the bandwagon is Warner Bros., with a¬†Deluxe Technicolor cinema listing suggesting that the final trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will be attached to Tim Miller’s R-rated and imminent release.


Though the studio is yet to announce anything official, the decision to align a fellow superhero blockbuster with the release of Deadpool makes sense for WB, though we struggle to imagine that there’s any genre fans out there that aren’t aware of Zack Snyder’s oncoming titan.

According to the listing, the sizzle reel is set to be the sixth mainline trailer for Dawn of Justice, and will clock in at 2 minutes and 19 seconds in length. There’s also mention of The Purge: Election Year and Suicide Squad, meaning that moviegoers could be in for sensory overload before Ryan Reynolds’ Merc With a Mouth even leaps onto the screen.

With little over one month to go until the release of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, expect Warner Bros. to order all hands at the pump for what will surely be a massive marketing push. Whether those plans make room for a sixth and final trailer – one that will air alongside Deadpool, no less – remains to be seen, but Snyder’s juggernaut will only continue to pump out additional promos and clips in anticipation of March 25.

Source: CBM

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