Final Wolverine Movie Officially Titled Logan, Won’t Be A “City-Block Destroying CG F**kathon”


Bringing an end to months of speculation, director James Mangold has confirmed Logan to be the official title of The Wolverine 3.

Confirmation hails from the director’s official Twitter feed (via Empire), where Mangold unveiled the watermarked second page of the screenplay, before stating rather candidly that “if you’re on the make for a hyper choreographed, gravity defying, city-block destroying CG fuckathon, this ain’t your movie.” Did we mention that The Wolveri – sorry, Logan, is one of our most-anticipated movies of 2017?


Tethered with an R-rating – much to the delight of ardent fans, particularly those who have been enraptured by the Old Man Logan story arc – Logan clearly won’t shy away from the darker tenets of Hugh Jackman’s ailing X-Man, who’s losing his once ironclad grip on those superhuman abilities. Said Mangold: “He’s fading on the inside and his diminished healing factor keeps him in a constant state of chronic pain – hence booze as a painkiller.”

All of this aligns with what we’ve previously heard about Jackman’s final Wolverine solo movie, and just yesterday, the Aussie himself commented on how the 2017 sequel is a “very different” film to its predecessors. What’s more, this info dump comes on the eve of New York Comic-Con. Perhaps our first look at Logan in motion is right around the corner?

Per Twitter:

Expect Logan, which heralds Hugh Jackman’s final outing as the enraged Mutant, to bow on March 3, 2017.