It’s Finally Official: Brie Larson Will Play Captain Marvel



There have been rumours and speculation about who will play Captain Marvel for years now, though it eventually became clear that this was a role Marvel Studios would cast when they were good and ready. However, we never even got to see a shortlist because when the trades finally weighed in, it was made clear that Brie Larson was the frontrunner.

It’s not hard to see why Kevin Feige and company would be interested in her, either. Fresh off an Oscar win for Room earlier this year, Larson will soon be seen in Kong: Skull Island (the first trailer for which can be seen by clicking here), a blockbuster which promises to raise her profile in a major way.


While her casting in Captain Marvel had been all but confirmed up to this point, it was finally made official today at Comic-Con: the actress will indeed suit up as the titular hero. There’s no word on when that will happen – previous reports have indicated that the character is needed for Avengers: Infinity War which starts shooting later this year – but ending their Hall H panel with this announcement was a smart move on Marvel’s part.

A brand new logo was also revealed for the movie and can be seen below. It isn’t drastically different to the one which was shown when Captain Marvel was first announced, but it still looks great regardless and has us very excited to see what the studio has cooked up for the film.

Captain Marvel Logo