Fireflies In The Garden Trailer Released

Fireflies in the Garden, a drama based on Robert Frost’s poem of the same name, is finally getting a limited theatrical release on October 14th and a new trailer has hit the internet. Starring Ryan Reynolds, this fractured narrative drama with an incredible ensemble cast was written and directed by Dennis Lee.

Fireflies in the Garden has been sitting on the shelf for four years, but with a great cast that includes Julia Roberts, Willem Dafoe, Emily Watson, Carrie-Anne Moss, Hayden Panettiere and Ioan Gruffudd, it’s a wonder it hasn’t been released before now. The story is semi-autobiographical and explores the complexities of love and relationships in a family ripped apart by an unexpected tragedy.

Check out the trailer below. I personally love to see Reynolds in dramatic roles, despite the fact that he has a great laid-back comedic instinct. Though the storyline sounds on the side of emotional melodrama, I’m still eager to see Reynolds stretch his dramatic acting wings.

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