First Aquaman Reviews Call It The Best DC Movie Since The Dark Knight


After Justice League underwhelmed at the box office last year, fans are taking it as a sad reflection of the troubled state of the DCEU that everyone’s turning to Aquaman to save this burgeoning cinematic universe now that Batman and Superman have apparently lost a bit of their spark with moviegoers. But the funny thing is, Arthur Curry’s standalone outing may actually be up to the task.

For the first time since Wonder Woman, a DC film’s been receiving nothing but excitement and hype from fans, instead of the usual leaks, rumors and critical derision that we’ve sadly become used to. And that continues today now that the social media embargo has lifted, allowing critics to give us brief reviews on the movie before their full thoughts arrive next month. And let’s just say it looks like we’re in for one heck of a good time.

As you’ll see down below, everyone seems to be thoroughly impressed with Aquaman, with one person even calling it the best DC film since The Dark Knight. That’s high praise indeed, but if what folks are saying here is true, then that may very well be the case.

Excited yet? We sure are, and as we mentioned above, this isn’t the only good omen that Aquaman has received in these last couple of weeks. Earlier this month, for instance, some other screening reactions gave us plenty of reasons to be optimistic, with several social media users calling the film the DCEU’s best entry to date. So despite the less-than-dazzling opening weekend previously predicted for Arthur Curry’s solo flick, Momoa and Wan may be able to follow through with those sequel plans after all.

Then again, early critic reactions aren’t always indicative of what the general public will think, but we’ll see for ourselves if the DCEU’s Atlantis warrants any return visits when Aquaman hits North American theaters on December 21st.