Jason Momoa Hypes Up Tomorrow’s Big Reveal With First Aquaman Trailer Tease


The King of the Seven is ready to breach the surface.

Jason Momoa has today shared a candid selfie video to drum up excitement for Aquaman‘s big trailer reveal, which is due to take place at the Warner Bros. panel tomorrow, July 21st. Unfortunately, there’s no actual footage to report on; it’s just a candid clip of Momoa losing his shit in anticipation of the SDCC panel, which is really shaping up to be one for the ages. Don’t. Miss. It.

Not only is James Wan ready to pull the trigger on Aquaman‘s first-look trailer, but both Shazam! and Wonder Woman 1984 have reserved their place on the Warner Bros. docket, too, which tells us that the former DCEU epic is on the verge of revealing a trailer of its own.

But next to tumble off the production line is the standalone Aquaman movie. Its mission? To overhaul the titular character to such an extent that he will now be remembered as a certified badass, rather than the butt of all superhero jokes.

Only time will tell if James Wan and his team have really achieved that feat, but make no mistake, Jason Momoa continues to relish his DC role, and we’re hoping against hope that the December release is good enough to ease the pain from Justice League and set Warner’s superhero franchise on a new path. Commence phase two.

Aquaman docks in theaters December 21st, and be sure to check back to We Got This Covered tomorrow, July 21st, when we’ll have full coverage of the real trailer for you to peruse.