First Candyman Illustration Was Very Different From Tony Todd’s Portrayal

candyman (1)

candyman (1)

When the announcement was first made that Jordan Peele of Get Out fame was producing a “spiritual sequel” to Bernard Rose’s 1992 horror film Candyman, the question was soon raised of whether or not Tony Todd would reprise his role as the titular killer, with many fans finding it hard to picture anyone else in the part. But going by an illustration in the 1985 semiprozine Fantasy Tales, even Todd’s version was quite a departure from the character’s first print appearance.

In a two-page spread for “The Forbidden,” the short story written by Clive Barker that would eventually form the basis for the Candyman film, we see artwork from John Stewart that suggests a much hairier beast than the relatively well-groomed fellow that Rose’s movie would bring us. Gone is the famous fir-trimmed coat, as this character stands naked like the wild animal he is, while looking in serious need of a shower. Candyman’s legs, meanwhile, are in a grotesque state, while his hook hand has straps going up the arm.

Evidently, there’s a broad spectrum of ways in which Candyman can be portrayed, though you can expect the upcoming movie helmed by Nia DaCosta to hew closer to the film version than this inhuman-looking thing. In fact, should the team want Todd himself back in the role, the actor seems more than game, though the star mentioned earlier this month that he’s yet to discuss the matter with Peele.

We still have much to learn about the project, but there’ll be plenty of time to get the details before the next Candyman hits theaters on June 12th, 2020. In the meantime, Peele’s own Us will be viewable in cinemas from March 15th.