First Captain America: Civil War Reviews Call It An “Emotional Horror Movie”


With its May 6th release date drawing closer, Marvel is starting to show off Captain America: Civil War to a few very lucky people. While obviously no “official” reviews have surfaced just yet, there is definitely a considerable amount of buzz starting to build around the film, and it’s all extremely positive.

Birth.Movies.Death recently spoke with some of the people who attended the Civil War screening and got the scoop on what to expect. From what they heard, it’s definitely not Avengers 2.5, which many people were worried it would be. Instead, this is a full fledged Captain America 3 with a large focus on Cap and Bucky, which is something that Chris Evans told us not too long ago.


See below for the full report from Birth.Movies.Death, which also mentions that the final act of the film plays out like an “emotional horror movie.”

“This isn’t Avengers 2.5, but rather Captain America 3, and it truly focuses on Cap and Bucky. I have been told that Spider-Man is great, and that the film doesn’t waste time on retelling his origin. We all get it, and the movie just moves along. I’ve been told that Black Panther is phenomenal, and that Chadwick Boseman is a major addition to the MCU.

This movie picks up the pieces of Avengers: Age of Ultron in surprising and human ways and makes us feel the true cost of Sokovia. And I’ve been told that the last half hour of the film is brutal, both physically and emotionally. One person told me that the last act plays out as an emotional horror movie because the film gives both Tony and Steve solid reasoning, and because it truly makes you feel the depths of this schism.”

Let’s look into this a bit deeper. The comments about Black Panther and Spidey are great to hear, of course. Both characters are new additions to the MCU and are set to play a large role going forward, so it’s reassuring to know that they’re fitting in comfortably amongst the already well-established world.

It’s also interesting that the report mentions that the last half hour of the film is emotionally and physically brutal, as that ties into the comments we’ve heard about the ending being “very controversial.” Could this be because a certain someone is set to bite the bullet? It definitely seems possible, but of course, only time will tell.

Captain America: Civil War marches into theatres on May 6, 2016. As you patiently wait for it to get here, why not check out the recently released concept art that we posted earlier?