First Eternals Reactions Are A Surprisingly Mixed Bag

The dust has barely settled on the red carpet premiere of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Eternals, and the first reactions to the intergalactic adventure have already made their way online. Surprisingly, not everyone appears to have been won over by the franchise’s 26th installment as it approaches its Nov. 5 release date.

That butt-numbing running time was cause for concern among many, and from the sounds of things Eternals tends to drag on occasion. The cast are uniformly praised, though, with Angelina Jolie almost inevitably named as one of the ensemble’s standout performers, but there might be a tinge of disappointment among MCU fans that the movie largely isn’t being praised as top-tier content.

As you can see from the responses to have dropped in the aftermath of the premiere, the good definitely outweighs the bad when it comes to Eternals, but people still have their criticisms about the latest blockbuster comic book adaptation from cinema’s most successful series.

Eternals comes to theaters two weeks from Friday, where it’s expected to have a real shot at dislodging Venom: Let There Be Carnage to claim the pandemic era’s highest-grossing opening weekend. More reactions will no doubt be trickling onto social media throughout the rest of the day, so keep your eyes peeled to see what side of the fence they fall on.