First Featurette For Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Teases Gotham, Metropolis And New Footage



Warner Bros. is shifting gears from the cavalcade of clips and TV spots for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice today to roll out the film’s first, complete featurette.

In partnership with Turkish Airlines, the snippet not only features Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill trumpeting the appeal of Gotham and Metropolis, respectively – most of which we’ve seen before – but director Zack Snyder also gives a brief overview of the superhero dust-off. And what it means for the DC universe going forward.


As if that wasn’t enough, there’s also a brand new clip from Dawn of Justice to pour over. Emerging during Jimmy Kimmel over the weekend, it’s a vertical slice taken from what we assume will be Superman’s first encounter with the Caped Crusader donning the armored Batsuit. Cavill’s deity may have the upper hand, but this latest snippet is a neat reminder that Batman still has a few tricks up that jet-black sleeve of his.

Rounding out the DC Trinity is Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman who, perhaps unsurprisingly, has begun to garner a considerable chunk of pre-release buzz. Indeed, according to former AMC Movie Talk contributors Jon Schnepp and Chris Gore – appearing on Collider Heroes – it is Gadot’s Amazonian Warrior that in many ways steals the show in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. This is, of course, simply conjecture at this stage, but with a standalone flick slated for 2017, Wonder Woman is a prominent part of Snyder’s superhero smackdown one way or the other.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will get the ball rolling for Warner Bros.’ DC Extended Universe come March 25. To whet your appetite, you can find both the new clip and slice of viral marketing down below.

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