First Footage From Sherlock Holmes 2

Entertainment Tonight recently had a chance to visit the set of the upcoming film Sherlock Holmes 2. While on set, they were able to get some footage and interviews and they have just released it for your viewing pleasure. There’s some good footage here, most interesting of which is a scene with Robert Downey Jr. dressed in drag, I can only wonder what that’s all about. The video runs for roughly 3 minutes and considering we don’t have a trailer yet, this is the best look you’ll get at the movie, for a while at least.

I didn’t love the first Sherlock Holmes, it was a decent film but I thought it had a few major problems that really dragged it down. That being said, I am a fan of both Guy Ritchie and Robert Downey Jr., so I’m going to give this one a chance. What do you think? Will you be seeing Sherlock Holmes 2?