First glimpse of Captain Carter revealed in new ‘Doctor Strange 2’ teaser

captain carter

It seems that the world of Marvel’s What If…? animated series is drifting into their mainline universe, as a brand new teaser for the highly anticipated Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness seems to have teased the appearance of Captain Carter.

In case you don’t know, Captain Carter is an alternate version of the character Peggy Carter who received a dosage of the super-soldier serum, which granted Captain America his capabilities.

Portrayed by Hayley Atwell, Captain Carter can be seen around the eight-second mark of a new teaser shared by Marvel Studios Canada, seemingly facing off against Wanda Maximoff (aka Scarlet Witch).

Though the figure is a tad obscured by the lighting and their position relative to the camera, we catch a very clear image of the character’s Union Jack-decorated shield; the exact shield that Captain Carter wielded in the What If…? series.

In her first appearance in the first episode of What If…?, Captain Carter is injected with the super-soldier serum in place of Steve Rogers (aka Captain America) after the latter becomes injured by a spy sent by terrorist organization Hydra.

Later joined by Rogers in a special suit developed by Howard Stark, Captain Carter takes part in numerous battles across the globe before infiltrating a Hydra base, where the villain Red Skull uses the Tesseract to open up an inter-dimensional portal, unleashing a bloodthirsty monster. Carter manages to seal the monster back into the portal by entering it herself.

Later on in the series, she teams up with several heroes from across the multiverse to fight against an alternate version of the villain Ultron.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness releases May 6.

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