First Image For Going In Style Has Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman And Alan Arkin Unite Against The System



Continuing on his directorial path, one which appears to hopping from genre to genre, Zach Braff’s latest effort comes in the form of Going in Style, a modern retelling of New Line’s 1979 heist movie of the same name.

Due to hit theaters in May, the former Scrubs star has assembled quite the cast of Hollywood A-listers for his third foray behind the lens. As today’s first image from Entertainment Weekly reveals, Braff’s Going in Style is set to feature Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and Alan Arkin as a trio of retirees robbed of their respective pensions.

Keen to stick it to the Man, Caine, Freeman and Arkin devise a plan to steal the money lost by pulling off a daring New York heist. That’s a slightly different angle than the one found in Martin Brest’s ’79 original, where the elderly trio simply decided to add bank robbing to their daily pastimes for the Hell of it. As for Braff’s feature, one obstacle threatening to bring their plan down to size is Wayward Pines star Matt Dillon, who joined the film late last year in the role of a law enforcer.

Marking a significant step up from Garden State and Wish I Was Here, Braff spoke to EW about taking the next step in his directorial career.

“These actors have been extraordinarily supportive,” Braff says. “They really wanted me to not be intimidated by their legendary status and really direct them. There is such animosity toward the banks and people feeling like they never got their due after 2008. There’s something incredibly fun about the superheroes who are getting their revenge finally on the banks are Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, and Christopher Lloyd.”

Going in Style will open in a limited theatrical release on May 6. Ted Melfi (St. Vincent) will handle script duties.

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