First Image For Planetarium Finds Natalie Portman And Lily-Rose Depp As Spiritual Siblings



Imbued with the ability to communicate with the dead, Natalie Portman and Lily-Rose Depp share a very close sisterly bond in upcoming period drama Planetarium, and courtesy of French outlet Elle, today we’ve been given our first glimpse of the pair standing side by side in Rebecca Zlotowski’s upcoming feature.

Taking place in the turbulent respite between World Wars I and II, Planetarium has Portman assume the role of Laura, a devout follower of religion who lives with her younger sister Kate (Lily-Depp) in the French capital of Paris. As the plot unfolds, the siblings cross paths with Emmanuel Salinger’s ambiguous visionary, who helps channel their ability to speak with spirits from beyond our world. Expect eerie atmospheres and religious awakenings aplenty.

Beyond that, details remain thin on the ground for Zlotowski’s latest, though Elle reports that filming is now complete on the drama, indicating that it could be fast-tracked for a release as early as May. Should that prove true, today’s image could be the start of a steady stream of marketing for Planetarium.

Before journeying back into pre-war France, however, Natalie Portman can next be seen on the hunt in Gavin O’Connor’s western Jane Got a Gun, while Lily-Rose Depp continues to establish her presence on industry callsheets with a role in Kevin Smith’s horror-comedy, Yoga Hosers.

No word yet on an official release window for Planetarium either in France or North America. Late 2016 appears likely, though, and the fact that two of Rebecca Zlotowski’s have made their bow at Cannes, we imagine that we’ll be seeing more of Portman and Depp’s supernatural siblings in mid-May.


Source: Elle

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