Check Out The First Image From Ron Howard’s Heart Of The Sea


Following his surprisingly fresh and entertaining racing drama, Rush, Ron Howard has given his ever-faithful fans the first glimpse of his follow-up effort, Heart of the Sea.

Straight from his Twitter account, the Apollo 13 director shared an initial behind-the-scenes look at the post-production stage. The image, which can be seen above and in its original format below, shows the director working on a scene involving Australian actor Chris Hemsworth, who also collaborated with the director on Rush:

Based on Nathaniel Philbrick’s In the Heart of the Sea, the movie follows the true account of a whaling ship stuck in the middle of the ocean for 90 days after a grizzly encounter with a sperm whale. Sound familiar? Well, it should – the incident inspired Herman Melville’s literary classic, Moby Dick – incidentally, the author makes an appearance in the film, played by British actor Ben Whishaw. Hemsworth and Whishaw are joined on the cast list by an impressive collection of new and veteran talents, including Brendan Gleeson, Benjamin Walker and Cillian Murphy.

Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter in April, Howard revealed that he was in the editing stage of production and that it was showing ‘a lot of promise’ but also conceded that it was inevitably ‘unformed.’

That being said, you have every right to start getting excited for Heart of the Sea. The director has proven very capable in the past at working with films situated on the waves – his mermaid tale Splash (while a comedy) showcased some impressive underwater direction and was tonally very sound. His space thriller, Apollo 13, marked his skill and flair with a narrative regarding isolation and a man’s reaction to extraneous, unbelievably bleak odds. On top of that, Rush proved – if anything – that despite the unfortunate blip that was The Da Vinci Code, Howard can still churn out one hell of a movie.

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Source: THR