First Look At Alexandra Daddario Alongside Dwayne Johnson In Baywatch


Continuing to spotlight each member of his life-saving crew, Dwayne Johnson has taken to Instagram today to share our first look at Alexandra Daddario suited and booted on the set of Baywatch.

Whereas Johnson and Daddario toplined Brad Peyton’s box office smash San Andreas as father and daughter, Paramount’s Baywatch revival finds them on the same crack team of lifeguards, rubbing shoulders with Zac Efron’s hotshot and relative newcomer Kelly Rohrbach.

You’ll be able to find the full shot below, while Johnson added the following caption to the sizzling hot snap:

She takes #BAYWATCH to another level.. World fell in love with @alexannadaddario in #SanAndreas and I was so impressed by her chops and presence every day, that I had to have her “rep the squad” in our film. Just wait til you see her – and all our girls – kick ass and protect the bay.

Protecting the sun-kissed stretch of sand that Johnson’s lifeguard veteran calls home will require derailing the plans of  Priyanka Chopra’s oil tycoon, who eyes a means of transforming the prized beach so as to make a quick buck. Tethered with an R-rating and a larger-than-life tone that has been likened to Sony’s Jump Street franchise, expect thrills and spills aplenty next summer.

Also starring Hannibal Buress, Jon Bass, David Hasselhoff as the inimitable Mitch BuchannonBaywatch is currently set for a theatrical release of May 19, 2017.