First Look At Saw Director’s Reunion With Tobin Bell In New Horror Movie

Jigsaw Saw

Darren Lynn Bousman’s career appears to have been rejuvenated by the success of Spiral both at the box office and on VOD, where it managed to earn enough money to push the Saw franchise past the billion-dollar mark, despite releasing in the throes of the pandemic.

That’s not to say the filmmaker had been slumming it, but the ten features he directed between Saw IV and Spiral hardly gathered much in the way of headlines or limelight. Longtime collaborator Tobin Bell may have sat out Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson’s contributions to the mythology, but he’s back with Bousman in the upcoming Cello.

Production wrapped last week on the under-the-radar film shot largely in Saudi Arabia and the Czech Republic, with the first images revealing Bell and co-star Jeremy Irons looking rather dapper, as you can see below.

The story follows an aspiring cellist who learns that his new instrument of choice is not just a means to make music, but a dangerous and deadly force with potentially sinister, supernatural and insidious undertones. The grizzled gravitas of Tobin Bell and Jeremy Irons in a movie from a Saw veteran about a haunted member of the string family? Sign us up for Cello right now.