First Look At Gal Gadot In Costume In Wonder Woman 1984


She’s already witnessed The Great War and basked in the relaxed ambiance of Themyscira, but for her next adventure, Diana Prince is headed for uncharted territory: the 1980s.

Welcome to Wonder Woman 1984, the Warner Bros. sequel that’s currently filming across parts of Washington D.C. with Chris Pine in tow. Yes, against all odds, Steve Trevor lives, though writer-director Patty Jenkins has yet to offer an explanation for his shocking return and, frankly, that’s okay, as the filmmaker is likely fighting to keep spoilers at bay – even if fans have already come up with all sorts of theories of their own.

And while they continue to work out how exactly Pine’s character might be amongst the living again, we’ve got a brand new shot to share with you today, and this one’s of Gal Gadot in full costume as the titular hero. The actress posted it on Twitter though with the caption only reading “She’s back,” it’s impossible to tell the context of the scene. Nevertheless, you can check it out in the gallery below, which also includes some previously released photos.

With production currently underway, we’ll no doubt learn more about the pic pretty soon as it gets ready for its big debut next year. One glance at the DCEU calendar tells us that Wonder Woman 1984 has been scheduled for release on November 1st, 2019 – six weeks earlier than initially expected, after Warner Bros. brought Diana’s second solo outing forward so as to avoid a clash with Star Wars: Episode IX.

Not that that should matter, mind you, as excitement for the DC sequel is through the roof at the moment. This week brought with it scores of photos and information about the film. Most notable of which was, as we mentioned above, that Steve frickin’ Trevor is back, back, back, and while his welcome return may defy logic, there’s no denying Chris Pine’s chemistry with Gadot. Here’s to their next big-screen adventure.

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