First Mortal Kombat Reboot Photos Tease A Bloody Brawler

Mortal Kombat

While Paul W.S. Anderson’s original film based on the long-running video game franchise will forever hold a special place in many fans’ hearts, it goes without saying that a modern day reboot of Mortal Kombat for the big screen has become something of a tantalizing prospect ever since rumors of such a project first surfaced.

Producers Todd Garner and James Wan have repeatedly teased, after all, that this interpretation of the titular tournament would more than satisfy the lust for bloodshed between Earthrealm’s warriors and those forced to participate on Outworld’s behalf, to the extent that crew members and actors alike have even reported feeling uncomfortable on set with just how brutally faithful the adaptation is. Fortunately, you need no longer rely on imagination, as Warner Bros. has finally pulled back the curtain on Mortal Kombat‘s next live-action adventure and you can cast your eyes downward to see some of gaming’s most iconic characters reimagined, courtesy of exclusive images provided to Entertainment Weekly.

Kung Lao, Liu Kang, Jax and Sonya Blade, to name but a few, are all present and accounted for in the tantalizing teasers, as too, are mascots Sub-Zero and Scorpion. Interestingly, the pair appear out of their usual attire for this still, which appears to depict the latter’s death, leading to his rebirth as an undead spirit hellbent on revenge for the murder of his clan and family. Actors Joe Taslim (The Raid) and Hiroyuki Sanada (The Last Samurai) play Sub-Zero and Scorpion respectively, and you can even catch a brief glimpse of the former brandishing his trademark ice powers in a different image. Awesome stuff, then, and we can’t wait to see more. With any luck, Warner Bros. will have a trailer to share in the near future, so stay tuned.

Mortal Kombat is scheduled for a premiere on April 16th in theaters and HBO Max. The latter, however, will only be available to stream for one month, whereupon it’ll be removed until the home release on DVD and Blu-ray.