Did Our First Look At Superman’s Black Costume In Justice League Just Leak?


Much has been made about Superman’s role in Justice League. Given that he died at the end of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, perhaps the biggest thing people are wondering about is how exactly he’ll be resurrected. While that’s something we probably won’t find out until the film actually hits theaters, there are a few things that are mostly confirmed about the character at this early stage. One of which is the fact that he’ll be donning his famous black suit at some point.

Teased by Henry Cavill last year, fans of the comics will know that Supes first wore the costume back in The Death of Superman. In that arc, he was killed by Doomsday and upon his revival, he sported the black suit with a longer hairstyle. From what we’ve heard so far, it sounds like Justice League will definitely be taking some inspiration from the famous storyline and that includes having the hero wear the alternate threads.

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To date, we haven’t actually seen any photos of Henry Cavill in the new suit, but that all changes today as a leaked photo depicts the actor in black. It’s awfully blurry, and the Man of Steel’s hair isn’t any longer, so it’s hard to say with 100% certainty that this image is authentic. Still, it’s an intriguing shot and is now quickly making its way around the web. You can decide for yourself whether it’s real or not after checking it out below, but something tell us it is.

There’s a lot riding on Justice League at the moment, given how poor the reception to Batman V Superman was, but so far, things look promising for the blockbuster. Snyder seems to have learned from his mistakes and we already know that it’s going to be far less gloomy and dark than what’s come before. Incorporating the black costume is yet another step in the right direction for the film as it’ll no doubt please fans, and whether this image is real or not, just knowing that we’ll get to see Supes in the new suit this November is very, very exciting.

Until we get something official, check out the photo of Cavill in Justice League below and let us know what your thoughts on it are by leaving a comment!


Source: Screen Geek