First Need For Speed Trailer Promises Style And Substance

Need for Speed

As an arguably pleasant surprise, Act of Valor director Scott Waugh’s sophomore feature Need for Speed – drawing inspiration from the titular video game franchise and starring Aaron Paul – is thus far shaping up to be a surefire Fast & Furious contender.

Focusing on recently released convict Tobey Marshall’s (Paul) plans to exact revenge on the wealthy business mogul that framed him, an already high-stakes cross-country race turns increasingly deadly following an ex-partner’s placement of a bounty on his head. As this unfortunate turn of events throws a wrench in the works, Tobey must employ his specific skill set at regular intervals to simultaneously avoid pursuers and continue along a path toward life-bettering revenge and redemption.

Discernibly lacking in complexity, such a bare-bones synopsis doesn’t quite do the trailer justice as the central character’s impetuses are poetically recited and chronicled – amid a requisite amount of action-oriented suspense of course. From a notable female aid/protagonist (Imogen Poots) to a recurring targeted individual, Dino (Dominic Cooper), Need for Speed‘s first trailer packs a noticeable punch for those fond of basal, luxury automobile-laden bombast.

Whether this first look will ultimately deliver in the realm of non-misleading, moreover multifaceted eye candy is up for very considerable debate however – especially given its vapid, long-standing film and video game inspirations – but in any case, we’ll all have to wait until March 14th of next year to find out if Paul’s big-budgeted debut is worth anyone’s time. That is, outside of the sheer attractiveness that the mere mention of Jesse Pinkman’s human counterpart carries with him.

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think in the comments.