On Set Images And Video Of Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar Appear Online


Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar might not be set for release until next year but, as with any Nolan project, there’s always going to be a level of stalkerish fan interest that we, as remorseless purveyors of entertainment news and analysis, are only happy to exploit.

Production began in Alberta, Canada on the 6th of August, and images from a recent filming session in Okotoks, Alberta have come out on a Spanish Christopher Nolan fansite – that is, a fansite for Christopher Nolan based in Spain, not a fansite for Spanish Christopher Nolan, the director’s infamous improv character. Check them out below:

Images are great but is there a way we can get a few images together in sequence, render them accordingly, and show it in the form of a video? Well, technophiles rejoice! There’s also an on-set video! Security must have been pretty lax in Okotoks.

There’s no point in even pretending that these will be the only images you’ll see of this film, as the promotional blitz for Interstellar will be huge. Christopher Nolan’s first post-Batman project? You better believe it’s a big deal.

Hopefully there will be more creepy set pictures to follow – videos too, if you’re lucky.

Interstellar is to be released November 7th, 2014.