First Reactions To Suicide Squad Call It “Insane” And “Amazing”


After the debacle that was Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, it’s no secret that Warner Bros. needs their next film to be a hit, so it’s a good thing then that first reactions to Suicide Squad appear to be extremely positive. An early screening was held in Union City, California a couple of days ago and as expected, people have taken to Twitter to voice their thoughts on David Ayer’s upcoming film.

While everything you’ll see in the Tweets below falls firmly into the praise category, it’s important to remember that Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice also tested quite well and we all know how that turned out, right? Granted, people had concerns about Snyder’s film right from the start, so it was never going to please everyone. But still, it’d be best not to put too much stock into these reactions.

The other thing to keep in mind here is that these Tweets only represent a very small portion of the general audience and it’s always tough to paint a fair picture of how a film will do based on just an early pre-screening. It may give some indication, but again, it’s not truly representative of how the public will receive it.

Regardless, you can check out what people are saying about Suicide Squad below and chime in with your own comments letting us know if you’re looking forward to the next DCEU film.