First Trailer For The Green Inferno Takes You Deep Into The Jungle


It’s been about six years since Eli Roth has released a directorial feature, but his next project promises to be quite the doozy. Attempting to create his own cult version of cannibalistic horror, The Green Inferno debuted during 2013’s Toronto International Film Festival to some pretty strong reactions. Since then, the film was acquired and set for a September 15th release, but shortly thereafter all informational channels were blocked up – until now.

Finally releasing a substantial amount of footage to the public (about one minute’s worth), we now have our very first trailer for The Green Inferno. Stressing atmosphere over gore, Roth introduces us to the wild natives that his characters encounter, fast-forwarding to the part where innocents are tied up and suggested cannibals are preparing some type of ritual. No jumps, no scares – just the look of terror on a scared woman’s face and some voodoo villagers.

If you’re still in the dark on plot details concerning Eli’s inferno, here’s a simple summation – students from New York City fly to the amazon to save a tribe of natives, their plane crashes, and they get taken hostage by the tribe they went to protect. Now whenever I get called out for not doing volunteer work, I’ll gladly say it’s because of my fear of cannibals. Why not volunteer in a soup kitchen then? Well, how do you know cannibals won’t show up there!?

While the jury is still out on whether The Green Inferno will be a glorious comeback for Eli Roth’s directorial career, everyone seems to be agreeing that the director’s sense of gratuitous gore hasn’t gone anywhere. Remember what he did with Hostel? Well, now he’s using the same gross-out tactics mixed with a cannibalistic hunger prime for exploitation – Roth’s very own Cannibal Holocaust. Viewer beware, the weak of stomach probably should bring a barf bag.

While not making it to Toronto last year wasn’t a major regret, missing out on The Green Inferno did leave a sad sting. The trailer below doesn’t exactly remove any lingering doubt or display Roth’s overboard horror antics, but I’ll admit to a shiver going up my spine while these dark-skinned tribal types prepared for something sinister. I know there are plenty of Eli Roth haters out there, but I’m ready for his directorial return – are you?

Source: Collider

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