The Flash Director Says Cyborg Isn’t In The Film


Yesterday, Variety reported that Ray Fisher would be reprising his role as Cyborg in The Flash, which stars Ezra Miller and is set to speed into theatres in 2018. It made perfect sense, too, given that various members of the Justice League are starting to show up in each other’s films now that we’re in the process of building up to Zack Snyder’s highly anticipated team up flick.

However, it appears that Variety’s report may have been a bit premature, as The Flash director Rick Famuyiwa has called their intel into question:

With no confirmation from Warner Bros. one way or the other, it’s hard to tell who to believe here. Variety is usually a pretty reliable source, and Famuyiwa could just be toying with us in hopes of not having the surprise spoiled. Then again, the initial report could be wrong. At this stage, we just don’t know.

As we mentioned before though, Cyborg appearing in The Flash wouldn’t surprise us at all, and even if he doesn’t end up making a cameo, it’d be foolish not to expect at least one of the JL members to show up here. After all, both Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad featured surprise appearances and we’re willing to be that Famuyiwa’s film will as well.