The Flash Director Thinks The Movie Could Arrive By 2020


Considering that The Flash has been tearing it up over on The CW for the past four years – and making the dreams of comic book fans the world over come true in the process – I must confess that I’m not exactly clamoring for a major motion picture at this point. After all, TV is capable of developing characters  – as well as introducing a myriad of other heroes and villains – in ways that simply aren’t possible for two-hour movies to achieve.

Still, I can’t ignore the elephant in the room because Ezra Miller has already introduced his own version of Barry Allen to the DC Extended Universe, not to mention how the Scarlet Speedster is long, long overdue for a solo flick of his own. Really, as one of the brand’s oldest characters (regardless of whether you’re counting Barry or Jay Garrick), its place in history must be acknowledged.

And though the studio has yet to technically green light anything, the project looks to be well on track – even if that means likely scrapping the Flashpoint angle. In fact, co-director John Francis Daley was recently approached by a fan on Twitter asking when his next film will arrive, to which the man himself responded:

“If all goes well, sometime in 2020.”

In all honesty, that sounds like a highly believable timeline to consider, especially if cameras were to start rolling in 2019. And by the time of opening weekend, the TV show will be in its sixth or seventh season, so there’s no fear of restricting which villains the small screen counterpart can and cannot use because it’s run much of the gamut at this point. Well, I’m still hoping to eventually see Godspeed, but that’s up to Greg Berlanti and company.

Speaking of which, rumors regarding which antagonist(s) will show up in The Flash movie remain inconsistent for the most part, but star Ezra Miller wishes to battle Savitar. And knowing how the TV series really reinterpreted that character, there would most assuredly be room for a more comic book accurate take in Daley’s project.