Here’s How The Flash Fits Into DC Films’ Production Schedule


Right now, we imagine that it’s not reassuring for anyone outside of Warner Bros. to be somewhat left in the dark when it comes to the future of DC on film beyond the next few releases, but that’s just how the cookie is crumbling.

To briefly recap, we have Aquaman arriving in theaters before 2018 expires, with Shazam!, Joker and Wonder Woman 1984 following in 2019. Excited as we may be for those movies, none of us can help wondering what’s up with other flicks like, say, The Flash.

Previously, we’d heard that the Scarlet Speedster’s solo adventure will begin production in February of next year, with Discussing Film now giving a hard date of February 5th. Not only that, but Atlanta, Georgia will be home to some secondary photography, as WB’s studio located in Leavesden, England is said to be where the wealth of the picture will be shot.

Now, it’s Omega Underground who are once again coming forward, this time reporting that filming should wrap up by May. Knowing how long principal photography usually takes for projects of this size, I’d have to say that timeline sounds entirely realistic.

Getting back to how this fits into the overall DC film slate, it should be noted that Birds of Prey is more than likely getting its own ball rolling in January, so having The Flash follow hot on its heels a month later works out pretty well. After that, Matt Reeves’ The Batman could do likewise in late spring or early summer.

Given that information, it’d be easy to surmise each of those debuting in theaters throughout 2020. If so, that’s a pretty formidable triumvirate to roll out, so here’s hoping that WB are able to get the DC brand back on track.