The Flash Solo Movie To Adapt Flashpoint Arc From The Comics


We haven’t heard from the DCEU Flash solo movie in some time and, given its notorious rotating door of rumoured directors, this isn’t exactly surprising. But now, the studio is looking to put all that behind them and wipe the slate clean with an adaptation of the 2011 DC Comics event Flashpoint, which will also be the movie’s new title.

Conceived of and written by DC Entertainment President and veteran comic book writer Geoff Johns, the storyline involved Barry Allen’s Flash zipping back in time to prevent the death of his mother. I’m guessing he hasn’t seen, oh, I dunno EVERY TIME TRAVEL MOVIE EVER and learned that messing with time isn’t a great idea as, when he returned, everything was all screwed up. Go figure, right?

Superman was a laboratory experiment confined to an underground facility, Bruce Wayne had died as a child, leaving Thomas Wayne to become a super-violent version of Batman, Wonder Woman’s Amazons had conquered Britain (actually, that doesn’t sound too bad) and Aquaman’s Atlanteans had sunk half of Western Europe. Good going Barry. Nice one!

If these world-shakingly crazy events actually make it into the Flash solo movie it’ll be one hell of a weird ride, not to mention a rather gloomy one. This sounds a little at odds with Warner Bros.’ stated intent to make the Flash film more lighthearted than their often dour Snyder efforts, but then again, the aftermath of Flashpoint essentially reset the DC Universe, giving the DCEU an excuse to fix what hasn’t worked in the past and maybe recast a couple of heroes.

We won’t know much about Flashpoint for a while, but we’ll be seeing the Scarlet Speedster play a central role in Justice League on November 17th.