The Flash Movie Will Reportedly Be Made With Or Without Ezra Miller

The Flash

Ezra Miller’s reputation has taken a beating since that alarming video of the actor choking a fan arrived online last week. Folks have since called for the star to be pulled from his upcoming projects, including Fantastic Beasts 3 and The Flash. And though no decisions have been made just yet, there’s been some talk that Warner Bros. will listen to the fans and not only remove Miller from the role of Barry Allen, but also pull the plug on the DCEU project altogether. However, a new report now paints a different picture of the situation.

FandomWire has shared that they’ve spoken to sources involved with the film and can confirm that WB has yet to make a decision on whether to keep Miller on board or not. Whatever they decide, though, The Flash will go forward pretty much as planned because it’s too important to the wider franchise to simply cancel.

We know that pre-production on The Flash was gearing up prior to the global lockdown, with Miller expected to jump over to the movie once he wrapped up work on FB3. If the studio elects to retain the actor, they’ll presumably continue with the original plan, albeit it with a delay. If they decide that the bad PR is too much and fire him, though, then this will likely push things back even more as they search for a new Scarlet Speedster.

FW’s intel largely lines up with what We Got This Covered has been reporting about the film, too. Their article points to The Flash being a loose adaptation of Flashpoint and having Barry inadvertently shake-up the timeline when he saves his mother from the Reverse-Flash. This will be how Robert Pattinson’s Batman and other changes to the DCEU make sense. So clearly, if a new Barry was cast, they’d essentially be playing Miller’s version and it wouldn’t be as much of a reimagining as Pattinson replacing Affleck.

In any case, the situation’s up in the air right now and it’s hard to say whether Warner Bros. will decide to recast Ezra Miller or not. But while we wait to learn more, let us know in the comments section whether you think he should still star in The Flash.