Main Villains Of The Flash Movie Have Reportedly Been Revealed

The Flash

The Scarlet Speedster has one of the richest rogues galleries in DC Comics, so there are many foes to choose from when it comes to Warner Bros.’ The Flash movie. Sure enough, the latest word on the matter says that the DCEU’s Barry Allen will face off against two dangerous villains in his first standalone feature. Fans may be able to guess one of them, but the other might come as a surprise, especially as they’ll be recast as a woman.

FandomWire recently shared a report revealing some major news about The Flash, including that both Reverse-Flash and Mirror Master will factor into the storyline. Of course, the presence of Eobard Thawne is no surprise, seeing as it’s widely believed that the movie will draw inspiration from the Flashpoint event, which revolves around Barry stopping his nemesis from killing his mother.

Mirror Master is a slightly more left-field choice, although the character is one of the more prominent Rogues in the comics. The interesting thing though is that The Flash will apparently gender-flip Sam Scudder, with Jessica Chastain said to be among those being eyed for the part. Funnily enough, this news comes at a time when The CW’s Flash TV series is also working with a female version of Mirror Master, albeit the Eva(n) McCulloch iteration, played by Efrat Dor.

FandomWire’s info lines up with We Got This Covered’s own intel about the project, too. We were the first to report that Mirror Master would be gender-swapped for the DCEU and also heard that Cate Blanchett is another name who’s in the running for the role. As for Reverse-Flash, WB is likewise hoping to nab a major star. WGTC has been told that Matthew McConaughey is their first choice, but that’s yet to be confirmed.

And if you’re wondering how The Flash movie will be affected by the Ezra Miller controversy, FW says that the film will go ahead as planned after the current shutdown, even if the actor is ultimately removed from the title role.