Jeffrey Dean Morgan Becomes Batman In Epic Fan-Made Flashpoint Trailer


One of the most anticipated upcoming DC movies is Flashpoint, starring Ezra Miller in his first solo vehicle as the Scarlet Speedster. The title comes with a lot of baggage in DC lore, so fans have already got a list of things they want to see in the film. And while there’s a long wait until any footage from Flashpoint comes our way, one creative individual has made an awesome fan-made trailer that teases what could be on the cards.

Of course, it features Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the alt-Batman, which is what every DC fan under the sun wants to see happen. The Batman V Superman star has been heavily linked with Flashpoint in the past and has gone on record to say how much he’d like to explore the other version of Thomas Wayne, who’s the Dark Knight in this darker continuity. Thanks to his turn as the Comedian in Watchmen, the fan trailer already has some footage of him as a violent vigilante to make use of, and it works well.

The preview also uses probably the most popular choice to play Barry Allen’s enemy the Reverse-Flash: Matthew McConaughey. Though it repurposes footage of the actor from the awful Dark Tower, it gives us enough of a taste of how sinister McConaughey would be in the role of twisted speedster Eobard Thawne to convince us that Warner Bros. should seek him out.

Flashpoint Movie

Finally, one of the things fans hope Flashpoint will do is give the DC Extended Universe a clean slate and allow the franchise to reboot any elements that need tweaking. This trailer reminds us of the endless possibilities the movie could achieve in that regard through an exciting sequence which rewinds the events of the past DCEU films, erasing everything from Man of Steel to Justice League.

Flashpoint is currently in pre-production, with directors Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley yet to formally get started on the project. They could do a lot worse than draw inspiration from this trailer, though, and we’re certainly excited to see what they ultimately come up with.