Flatliners Remake In The Works

Ok, so Flatliners isn’t a seminal and beloved ’80s pic, but it is an early ’90s Kiefer Sutherland-starrer that certainly doesn’t need a remake. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that Columbia Pictures is reviving Flatliners, and giving the mildly popular medical horror pic and vehicle for young rising talents Sutherland, Kevin Bacon and Julia Roberts, a new life. Source Code scribe Ben Ripley is officially signed on to write the script, according to a THR report.

The original Flatliners followed a small group of arrogant medical students as they conducted a dangerous experiment to determine if there is life after death. Each student in the group goes into an actual managed “death” and then revivification. The good news was, they all discovered there was definitely existence after death. The bad news was, each one brought something sinister and haunting back with them from the other side.

Given the medical and technological advancements in this day and age, the new script could really be interesting. It might even delve deeper into the sci-fi genre than horror, especially seeing as Ripley has signed on to the project.

Aside from writing the popular sci-fi/thriller Source Code, Ripley wrote the alien pic Species 3, so he’s no stranger to the sci-fi genre. He has also mentioned that he thinks technical thrillers are a growth industry right now, so I’m betting on a Flatliners remake heavy on the science.

I liked the original Flatliners, and though I don’t think it needs to be remade, I’m intrigued by Ripley’s participation. Source Code had a great story, with the sci-fi aspects balanced well with the emotional story, and Ripley will hopefully being that same great balance to this remake.

Paramount is probably going to try to launch some new careers, and at this point I can only guess who will play the new version of million-dollar-smile Roberts, versatile and ubiquitous Bacon, and the tenacious Sutherland. No news yet on who will direct, but there will be big shoes to fill there as well considering Joel Schumacher directed the original.

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