Latest King Of The Monsters Promo Teases Godzilla’s New Form

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

After laying dormant for half a decade, the world’s most famous kaiju is coming out of hibernation. Godzilla: King Of The Monsters is nearly upon us, and fans all over can’t wait to see the beast from the east on the big screen again. In a lead-up to its release, Warner Bros. Pictures has been rolling out plenty of clips and trailers, and a recently released video is teasing an all-new form for the gargantuan monster.

A new international promo has recently gone live (it can be seen over at and features plenty of great music and impressive visuals, but some observant fans have focused in on one particular scene featuring the eponymous kaiju. Halfway through the new footage, you might be able to catch a glimpse at a particularly interesting shot of a reddish Godzilla as it goes toe-to-toe with the three-headed King Ghidorah. As the two stand above a destroyed city, the heroic monster emits a powerful atomic blast from its body, the color matching the dark red sky behind them.

Needless to say, fans immediately began speculating, with some pointing out that we could be looking at a new “burning” form, which has been previously hinted at thanks to a handful of leaked toys. As notes, Burning Godzilla first made its appearance in Godzilla vs. Destoroyah, after the titular monster absorbed an ungodly amount of radiation from a uranium deposit. This new form imparts a reddish hue, which seems to line up with the international promo clip.

The world’s most famous monster seems to have gotten a bit of an upgrade in its latest movie, and thankfully, fans won’t have to wait much longer to see it for themselves. Godzilla: King Of The Monsters is set to release later this month on May 31st.