Peter Reunites With Aunt May In Spider-Man: Far From Home Set Video


The Spider-Man: Far From Home shoot is in full swing in London at the moment and we’re starting to see a couple of set leaks that give us an idea of what we should expect in next summer’s Marvel blockbuster.

The latest glimpse of the pic comes via Reddit user Jorgy_Morgy, who was at London Stansted Airport as the production was filming a pretty telling scene from the upcoming movie. As you can see below (if the clip doesn’t play, click on the post title), we have Tom Holland’s Peter Parker emerging from an airport and running over to hug Marisa Tomei’s apparently anxious-looking Aunt May. In addition, the London airport’s been dressed to look as if it’s Newark Liberty International Airport.

All this seems to suggest that this is a scene from the end of the movie, arriving after Peter’s finished his European tour and presumably suffered all sorts of high profile calamities while there. The fact that May’s apparently anxious and angry might also hint that his trip may have been done behind her back.

I should almost mention that, as far as I can see, you can’t actually see Marisa Tomei in this video, but the user who posted it went on to explain that Parker ran over and hugged her.

Spidey filming in London Airport from marvelstudios

It remains to be seen what exactly the plot of Spider-Man: Far From Home will entail, but what we know of the production points towards Spidey taking in a series of prominent European cities like Paris, Venice, Prague and London, and battling a series of villains in each one. The majority of the cast and crew of Homecoming are returning for the sequel, too, so hopes are high that it lives up to the excellent first installment.

Of course, there’s still the small matter that, in the MCU, Peter Parker/Spider-Man’s currently a small grey pile of dust, but I guess that’s going to be resolved in next May’s Avengers 4.