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The Force Is Strong With This Poster For The Proposed Star Wars: The Last Jedi Remake

No, of course it's not really a thing. But where there's Snoke there's fire, and this tongue-in-cheek fan-art for Star Wars: The Last Jedi is well worth a look.

Alright, alright. Settle down. No, of course it’s not really a thing. But where there’s Snoke there’s fire, and this tongue-in-cheek poster for Star Wars: The Last Jedi has a good stab at what that proposed fan-made remake might look like.

Dubbed “a film by a bunch of dudes from the internet,” Fro Design Company takes all of (a section of) Twitter’s criticisms, gets them all hopped up on Blue Milk and death sticks and then unleashes them onto the canvas. And the result is rather interesting, as you can see down below.

First up, you can’t miss the fact that long gone is the Moof-milking, spear-fishing, island shut-in lapsed Jedi. Instead, we get Stacked Skywalker in a tone not dissimilar to the Star Wars “Style A” poster. Come on, Luke would only ever be that buff if there was a gym at the Tosche Station.

We’ve also got Kylo Ren playing homage to Super Shredder and hopefully ditching all those feelings, whilst Supreme Leader Snoke does the honorable thing and knocks up a quick OHP presentation as to his origins and intentions. Okay, now you can cut him in half.

Rey, meanwhile, is back at home, roasting up a Porg for when her men get back from a hard day’s work and it’s good to see Leia can still work that gold bikini. Although to be fair, she could do with a blanket over her legs. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any sillier, BB-8’s borrowed Lucille from The Walking Dead‘s Negan and OMG…it’s Slave 1! We told you Boba Fett couldn’t be killed! To be honest, I’m exhausted just looking at it.

Tell us, though, what else can you spot on this Star Wars: The Last Jedi fan poster? And does anyone know what’s going on with Yoda?