Forest Whitaker And Woody Harrelson Will Come Out Of The Furnace

Deadline is reporting that Forest Whitaker and Woody Harrelson have signed on to Scott Cooper‘s upcoming film, Out Of The Furnace. They join an already solid cast that includes Christian Bale, Sam Shepard, Zoe Saldana and Casey Affleck.

Whitaker will play “Sheriff Wesley Barnes of the mill town of Braddock, PA” and Harrelson will play “local crime boss Harlan DeGroat.” In addition to stepping behind the camera, Cooper also wrote the script which centers on “an ex-con (Bale) and his brother (Affleck) as they are thrust deep into the violent criminal underworld.”

This is shaping up to be one hell of a film. I was already quite impressed with the cast when Affleck, Bale, Shepard and Saldana joined and now that we have Harrelson and Whitaker signing on, I can already smell the Oscar gold.

Out Of The Furnace is being described as a gripping and gritty dramatic thriller and I can’t wait to see the cast bring this story to life. Cooper proved himself with Crazy Heart and it sounds like he has an excellent film on his hands with Out Of The Furnace. The story, the cast, the director, everything seems to be in line for this one and you can bet that there will be some Awards buzz surrounding the film.