A Forgotten Dave Bautista Movie Is Coming To Netflix In July

Dave Bautista

Stuck indoors watching movies because of a global pandemic. Not the way I suspect most of you imagined spending your 2020, but here we are. Now, it’s all well and good rewatching old favorites, going on Star Wars marathons and binging trendy new true crime dramas. But every so often it’s good to take the plunge on something a little more obscure.

Take, for example, this forgotten Dave Bautista movie that’ll soon be arriving on Netflix. Heist is an action thriller revolving around a casino (this next bit won’t surprise you) heist. The film didn’t find much of an audience when it was released back in 2015, but those Netflix subscribers curious enough will be able to watch it from July 1st.

Heist does come with a yellow warning for dubious reviews, though – that’s an industry standard warning. I won’t do it the disservice of quoting its Rotten Tomatoes score here (not that I’ve never done that before), but at the very least, it’s best to go into this with sensible expectations.


Are you going to get Die Hard? Probably not. Are you going to get 90 minutes of popcorn-fueled popcorn-thrills cinema to switch your brain off to? That sounds more like it. Plus, if you’re not convinced yet, it’s got Robert De Niro playing a character who runs a casino. Admittedly, he’s not being directed by Martin Scorsese, but still, Robert De Niro running a casino. That’s guaranteed screen gold, right?

Thinking of checking out Heist on Netflix this July? Drop a comment below if you are, or indeed, if you’ve already seen it. The comment can be positive, negative, undecided, underwhelmed, ecstatic, conflicted, bored, any emotion the English language allows you to express. Maybe even more than one.