A Forgotten Horror Movie Is Finding Lots Of Love On Netflix


Darren Lynn Bousman first rose to prominence behind the camera after taking the reins of Saw and helming the second, third and fourth installments in the horror franchise when co-creators James Wan and Leigh Whannell moved onto bigger and better things, but in the thirteen years since he last played a game with Jigsaw, the filmmaker has failed to come close to replicating the same sort of commercial success enjoyed by the popular series.

That should have changed by now, though, with Spiral originally set for release in May of last year before being pushed back by twelve months as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. Of course, nobody was exactly crying out for a new Saw movie, but the fact that Chris Rock takes top billing as well as producing and story credits had created plenty of buzz, not to mention the presence of Samuel L. Jackson in the supporting cast.

Death of Me

However, Bousman is no stranger to seeing his recent projects delayed, and he shot Death of Me in the summer of 2018 long before Spiral, but the low budget horror only debuted on Netflix last Friday, having sat on the shelf for fourteen months until it was dumped into theaters in October by Saban Films without so much as a hint of a marketing campaign.

Maggie Q and Luke Hemsworth star as a couple on vacation in Thailand who discover a video that shows one of them killing the other, forcing them to try and unravel the mystery behind it. Death of Me certainly boasts an interesting premise, although reviews have been middling to say the least. Still, a Rotten Tomatoes score of 32% hasn’t put off Netflix subscribers, with the chiller already cracking the US Top 10 most-watched list.

Source: FlixPatrol

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