A Forgotten Robert Downey Jr. Film Has Been Dominating Netflix All Week

Robert Downey Jr

Having instantly gained a reputation as one of the worst movies of the year despite only releasing in the third week of January, not a lot of people have been desperate to check out Robert Downey Jr.‘s first starring role since his time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe came to an end in $175 million bomb Dolittle.

If it wasn’t for how terrible the film was, the troubled production would have faded from our collective memories already, but Dolittle nonetheless gained some level of notoriety for the infamous scene where Downey Jr. uses a leek handed to him by an anthropomorphic duck to pull a set of bagpipes out of a dragon’s rear end.

The dismal disaster has been available to rent or buy on home video since March, but based on this week’s Netflix charts, it would appear that one of the more overlooked entries in the 55 year-old’s back catalogue has been the go-to choice for people who want to check out the actor’s signature fast-talking style from the comfort of their own homes.

Due Date

Due Date was a decent-sized box office hit when it first reached theaters a decade ago, but the leading man’s all-encompassing work as the MCU’s Tony Stark had seen it relegated to forgotten status. Still, Joker director Todd Phillips’ comedy is now the latest in a long line of surprising titles to have found a new lease of life on the world’s top streaming service, as it currently sits as the 3rd most-watched movie on Netflix.

The two-hander alongside The Hangover‘s Zach Galifianakis has been hovering around the Top 10 all week now, in fact, which is impressive for a movie that doesn’t exactly boast rave reviews but is still an entertaining enough diversion. One that shows us that Robert Downey Jr. should really tackle comedy more often.