Former Yakuza member goes viral for rating Hollywood’s accuracy and realism


If you’ve seen a movie, watched a TV show or played a video game with even the most tangential of connections to the Japanese criminal underworld, then you’ll be more than familiar with the Yakuza. To an extent, at least.

Given that the majority of projects revolving around the organized crime syndicate are written by folks lacking in first-hand knowledge of their operations and machinations, there’s a chance we may have been conditioned by the tropes that Hollywood wants us to see.

However, Tatsuya Shindo has gone viral for stepping into the breach and clearing things up for us, with the pastor having previously spent fifteen years as part of the Yakuza, and during that time he was sent to prison three times for a litany of offenses.

In the video from Insider, Shindo is asked to rate various movies on how accurate their portrayals of the Yakuza really are, and it’s an eclectic list that covers everything from Avengers: Endgame to Kill Bill Vol. 1, via Jared Leto’s forgotten Netflix original The Outsider and an episode from the fifth season of Archer.

It’s a fun video to say the least, especially if you wanted to know how the Yakuza feels about their appearances across the entertainment sphere, but it’s fair to say accuracy has never really been the name of the game.